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Entertaining kids and parents in this
Minecraft-meets-Indiana Jones series!

Dive into the pages of Wyoming Bones and watch as your child's imagination comes to life in an epic quest for discovery!
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Blurble and the Zombie Tear

Join Blurble the Slime, Wyoming Bones, and Leila Vangraves on an epic quest for the legendary Zombie's Tear. When Wyoming and Leila are turned to stone, it's up to Blurble to save them from becoming eternal zombies under the control of the evil Zachariah. Faced with ruthless minions, an overly-friendly creeper, and thrilling challenges, Blurble must fight to break the spell before it's too late. Unleash your imagination in this action-packed adventure that will leave both middle-grade readers and parents hooked until the very end.
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Wyoming Bones

Say 'Hello" to Wyoming Bones, archeologist-explorer-extraordinaire! He’s a professor and bookworm with a knack for solving puzzles - much like Indiana Jones! Except... when he's not wearing his magic hat, he appears in skeleton form!


Meet Blurble! A curious, lovable, and oh so friendly sidekick! This small green jelly cube puts everyone into two camps: “Friend” or “Bad Guy.” Most people (and monsters) start out in the “Friend” group, much to Leila and Wyoming’s dismay.

Leila Vangraves

Yes, she is as fierce as she looks! If you don’t already know her, we’d like to introduce you to our fiery red headed friend, Captain Leila Vangraves! She could have had a very successful career in acting, but she’s equally as skilled with a sword!

5 Books & Counting!

  • Wyoming Bones and the Potion of Everlife
    Follow Dr. Wyoming Bones, a blocky Skeleton archeologist, as he battles evil and hunts for a magical artifact to break a curse. Joined by Captain Leila, they face treacherous challenges, illagers, and a race to secure the Potion of Ever Life. Will Wyoming undo the curse and triumph?
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  • Wyoming Bones and the Underground City
    When Wyoming wakes up in an enigmatic underground cave, he is thrust into a journey that exceeds his wildest imagination. Wyoming and friends must summon their courage and ingenuity to confront thrilling challenges, employ their crafting skills, and navigate their way through a mysterious lost city infested with spiders.
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  • Wyoming Bones and the Tomb of Wisdom
    As Dr. E. Ville relentlessly pursues them, Wyoming and friends must summon their courage, wit, and camaraderie to conquer formidable challenges and navigate the treacherous path ahead. Will they be the first to conquer these daunting trials and find a way to reunite Ken with his home?
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  • Wyoming Bones and the Nether Journey
    Facing their fears and hopping into the blistering hot Nether, they must overcome the the challenges of fiery slimes, ferocious hoglins, and an incredibly strong Wither Skeleton. Even with the help of an unexpected friend from the past, will Wyoming be able to fight through the obstacles ahead and return home?
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  • Wyoming Bones and the Founder's Blade
    Wyoming Bones returns to New Block City in a brand-new adventure. When Wyoming is arrested for the theft of the Founder’s Blade, he finds out that an Imposter has been wearing his face and committing crimes in his name. Who is this Imposter? Is he trying to ruin Wyoming’s life, or do his thefts herald a deeper threat?
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