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Wyoming Bones 1

It’s a race against time as Wyoming Bones, a human-turned skeleton archaeologist and treasure hunter, and his friends try to out-think and out-run the villainous Dr. E. Ville as both search for the ancient Tower of the Witch and an artifact with great power.

Wyoming and his friends are on a quest to locate the elusive Potion of Life before the ruthless Dr. E. Ville gets his hands on it. Legend has it that the potion can restore life or stop a person from dying. (That’s a good deal for a skeleton looking to return to human form.) But Wyoming and company must hurry if they’re to find the artifact and save the city of Cubero.

Along the way, Wyoming meets up with Captain Leila Vangraves of New Block City’s military intelligence. They locate a map to the tower and source of the potion in a library. When the library is attacked by marauding illagers (that’s not a typo), Wyoming and Leila dash down a sewer tunnel and encounter a green slime creature, Blurble. Blurble (aka: scene stealer) becomes Wyoming’s new pet and faithful companion. Blurble is especially devoted to Leila. When Leila is kidnapped by Dr. E. Ville, it’s Blurble who launches a daring rescue mission to save her. But who will save Wyoming? And Cubero?

The plot offers plenty of interesting settings, levers, secret passageways, arrows, trap doors and the like to engage elementary-aged readers. It includes old temples made into Adventure Zones. Beasty “ravagers.” Numerous puzzles, riddles, and traps. Be sure to bring your imagination and prepare for a fast-paced fantasy ride filled with adventure.

This book is fairly well-written and has a Raiders of the Lost Ark flavor to it. (“Spiders. Why did it have to be spiders?”) Bones also wears an Indiana Jones-ish brown fedora which reinforces the Raiders resemblance.

Overall, the action moves quickly and there’s plenty of it to engage young readers.

-Kristine L., Reedsy Review