Rocket Launches, an Amazing Adventure

Blue Origin successfully launches New Shepherd 22 into space

Go For Launch

On August 4th, at around 9am Central Time, my wife and kids sat in front of our TV and watched the rocket launch of the 22nd launch of the New Shepherd rocket. This was also the 6th human flight of the New Shepherd, and the first launch I’ve watched since coming to work at my current job. I watched from the crowded comfort of our company’s Great Room, but my wife sent me lots of updates, so I got to enjoy my kids’ excitement as much as I enjoyed my co-workers’.

I got to watch as Blue Origin launched 6 new astronauts into space, including Coby Cotton from the Dude Perfect Youtube channel, and know that I helped them get there.

I’ve been in the rocket business for a while now, and I have to say: Rocket launches are my absolute favorite part.

Not only because of the excitement of the launch, but because it’s a rare time that I get to share my job with my kids. They get a real kick out of seeing rockets launch up into space, and its even more exciting for them knowing that their dad helped build it.

Why I Go to Work

My eldest daughter has been telling me, since she first started talking, “I wish home could be your work.” She didn’t understand why her dad had to stop playing with her and leave for most of each day. I tried to explain about money, and food, and having a place to sleep, but noooo. Those weren’t good enough reasons for my little princess.

And then she watched the first rocket I helped build launch into space, and that reason she could understand. She still wants me to stay home and play, but she settles for getting to enjoy more rocket launches.

I’ll count that as a win.

The Dad part of me wishes I could just stay home with my kids too. Maybe get some time to write more Wyoming Bones, or play a game with the family. But the Space Geek in me is humbled to be living a dream come true, getting to help build rockets that carry things like this into space:

Solar Orbiter attached to a Centaur III upper stage, after launching on an Atlas V.
The Solar Orbiter, attached to a Centaur III upper stage, after launching on top of an Atlas V rocket

I love my job. I almost always love my job. But Launch Days are when I really, really, really love my job.

Elden Walseck

I am the author the Wyoming Bones series of adventure and treasure hunting books set in Minecraft for middle grade readers.

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