First, the big update- Wyoming Bones and the Nether Journey, the 4th book in the Wyoming Bones series, has finished editing. I’m just wrapping up some formatting issues, and then we can put it up on Amazon. We’ll probably get it up for pre-order soon, once we figure out the actual release date.

In the mean time, have a gander at the cover! If you hadn’t guessed by the title, our hero and friends have to travel through the dangerous and lava-filled Nether on their journey home. Will they make it safely? And what’s up with the glowing crown on that Wither Skeleton’s head? Why does Blurble look so grouchy?

There’s only one way to find out!

Wyoming Bones 4 Cover
Wyoming Bones 4, Wyoming Bones and the Nether Journey

In other news, I have finished transferring the website to our new platform. I hope you like the look! I spent most of a Saturday on it- Web design has definitely changed a lot from my HTML days in high school. Also, I am most definitely not a graphic designer, so if any one has any tips for a better color scheme, let me know!

An update on Wyoming Bones book 5. I can now reveal the books working title! Wyoming’s 5th adventure is called Wyoming Bones and the Founder’s Blade. This will be the first book to be set primarily in New Block City, and I’m having a blast writing it for you. I’m about half way through the first draft of this one, and I hope to have that draft finished by the middle of August. No promises, of course, but that’s my current plan.

After that, we’ll have to start editing, so don’t expect this book out until at least September.

Last major update: I sold a short story! This one will be under a different pen name, in a completely different genre, but I am pretty excited for it to come out. It’s set in a world where everyone has a Class, like in a video game, and can gain levels and become better at what ever their class focuses on. You could become a mighty Warrior, or a powerful Wizard. Our main character? He accidently chose to become a Party Planner, and it is about as useful a Class as it sounds.

And yet he still has to save the day. Send me a message if you want to know when the short story comes out, and how to find it- I probably won’t be advertising it here on the Wyoming Bones blog.

Elden Walseck

I am the author the Wyoming Bones series of adventure and treasure hunting books set in Minecraft for middle grade readers.

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